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The Colored Easel

The Colored Easel is an art program, created by Imperiale Arts, that provides art and design classes for adults and kids of all ages. Our kids and teens classes include digital art, mixed media, arts & crafts, and drawing. We also have independent studies for teens and adults. The Colored Easel also offers classes of specific areas of study throughout the year. We call them our "Special Studies" classes, where we go more in depth on what we are learning. These classes include, but are not limited to, 3D modeling, 2D animation, still life, anime & comics, painting, character design, landscapes crafting with Cricut and more.

The Colored Easel works with multiple art galleries throughout NJ to hold these classes.

The main location is located in Toms River NJ, inside of the TRAC gallery.

Learn more about our classes by reading our class descriptions on the booking pages.

Student works are shown below:

Toms River Location:

Offers All Class Types

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Medford Location:

Offers Special Studies

Teacher's Portfolio

Student Work

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